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JCLL Gloriana G220

Selling at the MN Beef Expo October 19th 

Super green yet she has endless amounts of future! She is correct and pretty- she may not have the fluff, but what you see is what you get with this one.  

Dam of G220

Sire of G220

Full Sib to G220

JCLL Giselle: 5/8 Simmental 3/8 Angus

ACW Ironhide x NFF Paris D216

01/01/2019 Brockle Faced Heifer


JCLL George: 3/4 Simmental 1/4 Angus

WLE Uno Mas x JCLL Daphne 

01/05/2019 Red Bull 

JCLL Goodwyn: Purebred

JSMF/FVF Andy x NFF Lexus D217

02/01/2019 Baldy Steer

JCLL Grace: 3/4 Simmental

JSMF/FVF Andy x VTS Squirt 

02/12/2019 Star Faced Heifer

JCLL Gloriana : Purebred           ****MN ****

JSMF/FVF Andy x FLE Gloriana    Beef Expo 

02/20/2019 Baldy Heifer           **Consignment**

JCLL Gretta : 5/8 Simmental 

JCLL Eric x NFF Paris B040

04/04/2019 Star Faced Heifer

JCLL Gym : Purebred

Hook's Fast Money x HL Ms Royalty

05/04/2019 Black Bull

JCLL Gerdie : Purebred

HL Wide Open x GLS Cutie C157

05/14/2019 Black Heifer

JCLL Griffin : 3/4 Simmental

JCLL Eric x BMR Miss Revival 

07/09/2019 Black Bull

JCLL Grant : Purebred 

KRJ Cow Poke x JCLL Cayla

07/17/2019 Baldy Bull 

JCLL Graham : Purebred 

KRJ Cow Poke x JCLL Clary 

08/04/2019 Black Bull

JCLL Gandolf : 3/4 Simmental

KRJ Cow Poke x NFF Princess Lady

09/23/2019 Black Bull 

** It has not been determined which of the 2019 calves we are selling, retaining, or showing**

2019 calf Crop:

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