Our Herding Addict

Foxy came to us from a ranch west of us, where they raise lambs. She comes from extremely good herding genetics- Foxy loves her job- when not being asked to work she works the ducks and goats for fun- She is a very sweet and emotional lady that picks up on everyone's emotions around her! She is an absolute gem- she passes on her drive to her pups, which are turning out to be great assets to the farms that purchased them!


Our Watch Dog

Trigger is our ABCA registered merle. He was purchased from Maine Aim Ranch Dogs down in Iowa. He is big boy probably going to double Foxy in size. He loves people and is learning a lot from Foxy when it comes to herding. They are really becoming a great team.

Working together!

*Trigger has been neutered, so these two will not have puppies.

We are looking for the right stud for Foxy, as long as she comes into heat.

If she doesn't cycle in July, she will be spayed.

We depend on our dogs around the farm and their health is #1.

Foxy & Trigger

Our Border Collies

We strive to breed healthy useful dogs. We take our dogs everywhere with us, and teach them to be very versatile. Foxy can go from working a pen of cattle, to sleeping at your feet during supper, to back up in action within seconds. Trigger is still learning when and how exactly to use his energy, but we don't doubt he will come along as he matures. They both love going camping, and attending parties. Foxy enjoyed the MN Beef Expo last year, and did great at containing herself with all the cattle around.

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